Blogs Spokesperson

I am Sehrish Azhar, the Social Media Manager/Media Person for RSWS and I am immensely proud to be attached with this great cause. RSWS is not only providing free education to underserved children but looking after their several needs as a community including medical, skill building and other welfare needs. Being passionate about Positivity, Selfawareness & Well-being; I am founder of a Blog called Living Upbeat and co-founder of a Social enterprise, For a cause. Both the initiatives support the notions I mentioned above. Hence, RSWS also falls into my passion because it is also an extremely positive initiative working for community’s wellbeing. I wish all the best for RSWS. Looking forward to it’s expansion, both area-wise and aim-wise. I pray it effects millions of lives in a beautiful manner forever Insha’Allah.

I am Fatima Asif, the Principal of RSWS. Being a social worker, I believe that nothing is worth more than this work. Whenever deserving students from broken houses and poor families start their education from RSWS, i get very happy because their decision to do so is a previlidge for me to help them as I am a part of RSWS. It is just a little effort to serve the community. We all know that hard work pays off this way or the other.