What Are Your Chances of Getting Your ExBoyfriend Back

What Are Your Chances of Getting Your ExBoyfriend Back

They maybe get one nice comment from that pretty girl they’ve always had a crush on, and you knew they had a crush on when you two were dating, and the next thing you know, they’re posting constantly trying to get not only more validation from a girl like her, but from any girl.

Perhaps the most interesting part of this concept is that most of the time, they’re not even aware that they’re doing it. They’re a slave to their emotions. They get that little boost and that’s all they want from that point on.

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So it’s important for you to read between the lines and understand what’s really going on most of the time.

There is one big thing that I want you to take away from this video: when your ex is posting constantly on social media, especially if they didn’t post so much before, it is a result of the breakup: the cause and effect is there.

It’s not always that they want you back, but they are in extreme pain from the breakup and oftentimes the best way to deal with that pain seems to be to hop into the world of fast-track validation on social media, even sugardaddy ga if it’s not actually the best route to actually feeling better.

So don’t be upset about all that social media activity, and don’t obsess over What It Means. Just know that if you follow the Ex Boyfriend Recovery programme, you are doing the best you can to get him back – if you want to.

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Hi,am diana.we HV been dating with my ex for 5yrs,I loved him n I had no otha gai,he I always noticed several things Abt him but I kept quite he asked me to trust him,this yr on my bd he didn’t say anything o even to wish me.i sent him a text asking him wat happened bt he didn’t reply,I got time alone n send him an audio of all ihv gone thru with him and the kind of patience n silence I hv tolerated with his behaviour,n told him am not complaining but am jst greatful.he never responded afta one week,wenever I Cld post smthing he Cld comment coz I never posted anything dat related to our situation,after 2wks he blocked me en posted a pic of a Beb with him in bed something he never did wn I was with him,so d frnd sent me d pic it’s wn I realised I was blocked n cldnt view his status.i called him n asked him wat was dat he told me dat was his galfrnd I asked him I thought I n him wea ok,he told me dat he thought I had chucked him,I told him if I had chucked him I wld hv told replied n said it’s ok bt u didn’t have to block me to post anything u want.i went silent for 3months. Wn I got back online I found his using apic of a Beb as his profile I played it cool n kept quite.. It’s now 3wks he can been texting n video calling me that his checking on me,asking me how am doing en how my parents are,telling me of hw his work is and asking me to take him some thing to eat,I do respond in a cool way. During d weekend he posts d Beb again bt texts mi asking how I am,etc. So dis wkend I decide to hung out with my frnds n I posted.he posted d same gal .but in his posts it’s always d gal playing d role of video taking n taking d pics I don’t know what is happening

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