Depends on the person because my other friend did the same and ruined a 6 year relationship from jealousy

Depends on the person because my other friend did the same and ruined a 6 year relationship from jealousy

I’ve had threesums withs others I personally knew first and they were the best. Let your girl practice some small toys and have you walk in eventually to join in and pull out the heavier ammo of adult game pieces xo

Ive never had a 3some n my husband has voiced he wants to try wether its mmf or ffm. Anyone have suggestions? Ive never really been open to it and i was raised that any intimacy outaide of marriage is wrong…. help

You should have a threesome IF you want it. If you don’t then it’s not going to be a positive experience for you.

LOVE a threesome but agree that communication is so important. Get ground rules out of the way before you get naked. Talk a lot while you play to make sure everyone is enjoying and feeling included. Debrief afterwords to figure out what worked and what didnt. I play with married couples and always make sure the wife is ok with hubby penetetrating me.

My boyfriend and I have talked about having a threesome for sooo long now, I’m dying to have one with another girl, but i don’t know where to meet people for that, I don’t really feel comfortable with meeting someone random and not knowing their STI status, or knowing them personally and we’re not attracted to any of our friends. How can we meet someone and get to know them for this purpose ? any suggestions?

Why would anyone be happy about their partner coming to them and announcing that they want to sleep with someone else and want you to be a part of it and enjoy it? It’s just cheating without it technically being cheating. You don’t get the label of asshole because it’s a fantasy instead.

There can be something particularly erotic for some people about watching their partner with another person, and a threesome allows this in a safe environment, especially if you plan it out. Some people describe this as compersion, which is like the opposite of jealousy.

Threesomes are exciting, but we live in a world where we are often tous

If one partner feels a little trepidation over the idea of a threesome, they might be reassured by having control over certain aspects, such as choosing the third person or location/setting and controlling what happens during the interaction (more on that in a bit).

All of these feelings are normal, and they don’t have to be detrimental to your existing relationship if you communicate them effectively. For starters, it can be helpful if you talk to your lover about the potential feelings you’ll have before the fact. Recognize that you may have negative or even positive emotions that seem outside of your control. The two of you might even talk about how you would react to the other person’s feelings.

  • Eiffel Tower – This silly name can mean serious fun. In this threesome position, you’ll be giving one partner a blow job while being penetrated by the other person. The Eiffel Tower gets its name from the way it looks from the side when you’re on all fours.

After a Threesome

Sharing a romantic partner and being vulnerable with a new person may be too much for some. No threesome tips can fully prepare for this. You can’t really know until you try.

So I’m a 26 year old male. Just lost my virginity last night to a hot 37 year old full figured woman(hopefully she just thought I was inexperienced)Hopefully she never reads this) We were watching some hulu exclusive show I forgot the name. The episode was called devils threesome. Naturally it opened up the dialogue, I asked if she was into it or ever tried it. She said she didn’t try but when she watches porn two men are better than one. I mentioned that I would actually be into trying it as long as all the attention was on the female. We got to it, after I absolutely disappointed her. I thought I was gonna be able swap condoms after busting and keep going.

(Also, all three of us have backgrounds in kink, so we have experience with communication, safewords, and being ok with saying and respecting “no” )

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